20-Minute Session


Find out the results of your free nutritional assessment questionnaire. Discuss with Stefanie which action steps to take and how nutritional therapy can help you feel your best and enjoy motherhood.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Coaching

1-Hour Session


Spend an hour with Stefanie where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, come up with a plan for success during pregnancy or postpartum, troubleshoot challenges and receive encouragement.

Topics can include but are not limited to:

  • – Navigating the various needs of each trimester during pregnancy
  • – Safe, natural remedies for common pregnancy ailments
  • – Mood and energy support during pregnancy
  • – Meal planning during pregnancy or postpartum
  • – Planning for labor and delivery
  • – Creating a postpartum PEACE plan
  • – Postpartum mood concerns
  • – Postpartum hormone balance
  • – General breastfeeding questions
  • – General newborn and infant care
  • – Postpartum care for your body
  • – Postpartum body image
  • – Movement/exercise safe for postpartum abdominal muscle separation
  • – Processing birth story
  • – Sleep support
  • – Developing healthy mindsets grounded in God’s truth
  • – Growing in confidence as a new mom
  • – Self-care and routines
  • – How to invest in your relationship with God during postpartum

Gift Option Available

3-Month Nutritional Therapy Package

4 Sessions


Dedicate 3 months to investing in your health so you can experience improved energy, clearer thinking, more stable mood, better digestion, balanced hormones, improved digestion and more.

A focused 3 months of nutritional therapy will help you gain momentum and see more effective results.

Includes a Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation and 3 Follow Up Sessions

During the Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation, Stefanie will spend time learning about you: your story, your challenges and your desired, healthy future. Through the interview process, she will evaluate your nutritional needs and which foundations of health need to be supported. Stefanie will guide you toward your desired, healthy future using a process unique to Nutritional Therapy Practitioners:

  • – Initial interview
  • – Food journal review
  • Nutritional assessment questionnaire
  • – Personalized, step-by-step nutrition plan
  • – Lifestyle and targeted supplement recommendations

Follow Up Sessions

Session #1 will be scheduled for 2 weeks after the Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation
Sessions #2 and #3 will be scheduled approximately every 4 weeks following